Monday, October 27, 2008

Headlines from this weekend

Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart items up for auction to benefit Sam Ard Fund

I really hope that Brad gets to start this weekend at Texas. This is an awesome opportunity for him and I really hope it doesn't rain so Brad can achieve this milestone in his career.

Keselowski continuing on a steady path to Cup racing

So what did Junebug do on Friday since qualifying was canceled? Click below to find out. :)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. enjoys rainy Friday at Atlanta Motor Speedway

What a day.... Results from the Pep Boys Auto 500 and updated chase standings

Once again I had to work, so the recap won't be too detailed. From what I read Junior had a few minor bumps with the car today, and mostly stayed in the top 10. He finished 11th and slipped back down to 10th in the points. Next week the guys go to Texas Motor Speedway, a huge place for Jr Nation to gather.

Here's the updated chase standings:


1--Jimmie Johnson6248Leader

2+2Carl Edwards6065-183

3-1Greg Biffle6063-185

4-1Jeff Burton6030-218

5+1Kevin Harvick5941-307

6+1Jeff Gordon5936-312

7-2Clint Bowyer5934-314

8--Tony Stewart5847-401

9+1Matt Kenseth5835-413

10-1Dale Earnhardt Jr.5829-419

11--Denny Hamlin5823-425

12--Kyle Busch5783-465

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nascar Gillette Young Guns Prank Commercial

Who knew that with Jr and Jimmie doing these commercials together that one day they would be teammates?

Team Tylenol Bunker

While looking for videos to post on the new blog (by the way it's up and running!), I came across this commercial.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey guess what?!?

Qualifying was canceled! Isn't that news to you? Lol, of course I'm being sarcastic. The 10th time that's happened this year! Anyway, as always, (I'm gonna stop repeating this) the field is set by driver points and Junior is 9th so he'll start 9th.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have a winner!

The winner of the new blog is Jimmie Johnson. Keep checking back and "The Lowe Down" will be up soon, of course I'll let you know, but as of now, Flippin' Out for Carl Edwards is closed. 

Two hours!!

Ok, there's two hours left for you to vote for the new blog. I have the title for the Jimmie Johnson one ready to go, so if you want someone else, you need to vote! I'll check back later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One day left!!

You have today yet to vote for who I will start a new blog about and then I will post the results and the new blog, looks like Jimmie is ahead in the poll. We'll see what happens!!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. ready for Atlanta Motor Speedway

by Jason Smith

Hendrick Motorsports driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is looking forward to returning to Atlanta Motor Speedway this Sunday.

Even though his chances of winning his first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship appear to be over, Dale Earnhardt Jr. still has plenty to look forward to, starting with this Sunday's Pep Boys Auto 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

"I like running at Atlanta a lot," said Earnhardt Jr., who has one win, eight top-five and 10 top-10 finishes at the 1.54-mile track.

"It's a good race track and real, real fast. We have run really well there in the past, and coming off a good run like Martinsville last week, I think we have a good shot at it."

Earnhardt Jr.'s second-place finish at Martinsville on Sunday was his best finish in the 10-race Chase so far this season and gives the driver of the No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports Chevrolet momentum heading to a track where he was third in the spring race after starting outside the pole. Obviously, he hopes to improve this weekend.

"A win would be great, but I really just want to keep running as good as we did last week," Earnhardt Jr. said.

Tony Eury Jr., the crew chief for the No. 88 team, is also itching to get back to Atlanta.

"I think that's one of Dale Jr.'s favorite tracks," Eury Jr. said. "We want to get there, try to get on the pole and fix what we didn't finish [in March]. We had a super car there at the start of the race. I'm really looking forward to getting back there and trying again."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Headlines from Martinsville

There should be more headlines this week as Dale Jr finished 2nd yesterday at Martinsville.

Not great, but Junior's first year at HMS a good start

Earnhardt settles in with Hendrick, looks forward to 2009

Second fiddle at Martinsville just fine for Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. says crew chief calls are pivotal at Martinsville

Earnhardt not in right spot to challenge

That last one doesn't sound encouraging, but it's not negative so that's why I posted it.

Here's one about the sponsorship with Unilever.

JR Motorsports "too good to be true" for Unilever

Just a reminder, two days left to vote for what blog you'd like to me start up in the place of Flippin Out for Carl Edwards. Looks like a blog for Jimmie Johnson is ahead, and some want to see one for Jeff Gordon. Hmm, we'll see what happens!

Also, I forgot to mention, I do read all the articles I post here before I post them. I will never post anything that anyone has written about Dale Jr that is negative. Just wanted you to know that.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is video with the song "Warrior" by Kid Rock featuring Dale Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Victory lap commercial

Hmm, never saw this one before, hope you like it.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Budweiser Commercial

I don't think I posted this one, so here it is :D

Martinsville results and updated chase standings

Great job today Junebug!!! After starting 10th, getting caught speeding going into pit road, having to restart at the tail end of the longest line, Junior came back and gave us a nail biting ending to a otherwise tame race. Junior finished 2nd and moved up one spot in the chase standings. (I told you he's a fighter!!!)


1--Jimmie Johnson6073Leader

2+1Greg Biffle5924-149

3-1Jeff Burton5921-152

4--Carl Edwards5875-198

5--Clint Bowyer5827-246

6--Kevin Harvick5817-256

7+1Jeff Gordon5798-275

8-1Tony Stewart5735-338

9+1Dale Earnhardt Jr.5694-379

10+1Matt Kenseth5665-408

11+1Denny Hamlin5653-420

12-3Kyle Busch5628-445

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I just realized.....

For some who stop by and want to leave comments, but don't know how to translate your language into English, I'm gonna post a translator website for you so if you want to leave comments and translate them to english, you can. :) The site is listed below, and if I get a few comments from those who use it I'll add it to the Link list.


Friday, October 17, 2008

The first of the new collages

Film  graphics
imikimi - Customize Your World

What do you think? Love it, hate it, want another one? Let me know! To see the it full size, just click on it!

Qualifying cancelled..... again (anyone noticing a pattern here?)

Surprise, surprise. It's raining in Martinsville, and another surprise, qualifying was cancelled. Once again the lineup will go by driver points so Dale Jr will start 10th this weekend in the TUMS QuikPak 500 on Sunday. NASCAR Countdown starts at 1pm with the race starting at 2pm - all on ABC.

PS Don't forget to check out my pole over on the right side!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I really need your input on this one!!!

Seriously, I know there's a lot of people out there that read my blog, but there's one thing missing. I don't hear feedback from any of you! So this time, I'm asking (don't make me beg, it won't be pretty) you for your input on something. Over on the right there where the Links and Past posts are listed is a poll. I know I have the Carl Edwards blog up, but that seems to be going nowhere and I'm considering closing it. If I don't hear anything from anyone, then I plan to close the Carl Edwards one and start a Jimmie Johnson blog. So please please please vote for the blog you'd like to see the most. The voting will last for one week and like I said, if I don't see any votes by then, I'll close Flippin' Out For Carl Edwards and open Jammin' for Jimmie Johnson. So vote please!! Thanks!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Headlines from the weekend

Well, I didn't have a whole lot last Monday, so we'll see what I can find tonight.

Edwards suffers a blow, Junior crashes

Blown tire ruins Earnhardt's race

Junior says Smith was wronged

I think that's all. We'll see, never know.

30 Countries!!!

If you haven't looked at it, check out the flag counter at the bottom of the page. This lets me (and you if you're interested) know what countries have stopped by, (maybe some on accident, if not, please forget I said that, no offense to you!) and how many times people from that country have come in. I know the USA is ahead by quite a bit, spread the word everyone, if you have a friend that's AMPed for Dale Jr, and you think they'd like my blog, let them know about it! Ok, that's all for tonight, night everyone!


JR Motorsports teams up with Unilever for 2009 Nationwide season

I was gonna wait and include this in the headlines tomorrow night, but this one couldn't wait. I'm so excited for Junebug and everyone at JR Motorsports.

CONCORD, N.C. – JR Motorsports officials announced Friday at Lowe's Motor Speedway a 10-race sponsorship of the No. 5 Nationwide Series team for 2009 with Unilever and its Hellman's mayonnaise, Ragu pasta sauce, Klondike ice cream and Lipton tea brands.

Landon Cassill will drive the No. 5 Chevrolet for seven of the events, team co-owner Dale Earnhardt Jr. two and Mark Martin one, according to Kelley Earnhardt, general manager of the team.

The sponsorship will begin with the season-opening Nationwide race at Daytona, with Earnhardt Jr. driving a Hellman’s-sponsored car.

Earnhardt Jr. said the team is close to signing sponsorship for the remaining 25 races for the No. 5, as well as the entire schedule for the No. 88 Chevrolet driven by Brad Keselowksi.

“We’ve got it just about entirely finished as far as putting together a program for all the races for each car,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “We still have a couple of gaps to fill. We started working pretty early and we had a lot of interest. We’re more fortunate than most I’m sure. I feel very confident that we’ll be able to get it wrapped up.”

Kelley Earnhardt said JR Motorsports is committed to two full-time cars next season.

“It’s very disconcerting,” Earnhardt said. “We’ve got people trying to put cars together and firesuits and get our marketing together for next year, and every day I have e-mails hitting my inbox: ‘Have you got nay news? Have you got any news?’

“But we’ve got some things working. I think we’re going to have it wrapped up, hopefully, within the next 30 days.”

Cassill, who has shared the No. 5 this year with several drivers, said an announcement should be forthcoming on his remaining schedule with the team next year, and it should include more races for him.

“We’ll have something soon,” Cassill said. “It’ll be cool.”

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Results and standings

Well, at least he didn't lose any ground in the chase standings. Dale Jr is still in 10th. He blew a tire on lap 103 I think I read and he said he had a really good car, and was trying to tell Tony Jr what was wrong when the tire blew. I was trying to see what his guys did to fix the hood where the tire took off the paneling, but couldn't find anything. Anyway, Junior was able to get back out and finish the race, being 45 laps down and 36th. Next week the guys head to Martinsville.

Here's the updated chase standings:


1--Jimmie Johnson5878Leader

2+2Jeff Burton5809-69

3--Greg Biffle5792-86

4-2Carl Edwards5710-168

5--Clint Bowyer5693-185

6--Kevin Harvick5671-207

7--Tony Stewart5650-228

8--Jeff Gordon5633-245

9+2Kyle Busch5552-326

10--Dale Earnhardt Jr.5524-354

11-2Matt Kenseth5518-360

12--Denny Hamlin5498-380

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cup qualifying cancelled (again)

So you know what this means, the drivers will start start according to their place in the points. Dale Jr will start 10th and I heard something about another AMP paint scheme for Saturday night. Hmm, not too sure on that, but I will let you know if I find anything. The person I feel bad for is Brad Keselowski, who was to make his cup debut on Saturday night. Well, he's scheduled to run another race before the year is over so hopefully he'll be able to run in that one.

For those of you who have been with me since the beginning, you all know about the collages I used to make and post here. I had taken them off the blog since I had been told that they made me look like a Dale Jr "stalker" (umm okie dokie then). Well, for those that think that, this is my blog and I will post as many collages as I want. If you want to voice your opinion on that, go somewhere else. Anyway, collage will appear every now and then, and for those that like them, feel free to use them. :) Ok, talk to you all later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Headlines from the weekend

Hard to believe, but there weren't too many headlines from this weekend, either that or I haven't found them yet. Hmm, guess I'll have to look a little harder. We'll see....

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon: Shake and Bake?!

Junior runs into trouble at Talladega

I know that this next one doesn't have anything to do with Junior, but, AJ Allmendinger is one of Junebugs buddies and so I thought I'd post this for those interested. This is also one of the reasons I'm also a Michael Waltrip fan.

Allmendinger to drive No. 00 at Lowe's

Anybody up for reading one of my rants?

Anyone besides me think that Goodyear needs to come up with some other excuse than "We're investigating the situation"? My question is, investigating what?! How many ways can a tire explode on a race car? Or maybe "how many tires can we explode on the car and how will the explosion bend the metal on the car?" Or how much metal will fly off the car when the tire explodes? Come on Goodyear, get with the program already. Now, I watched NASCAR Victory Lane last night and Jimmy Spencer said that he was in the NASCAR hauler when the Tower (NASCAR Control where Mr. Helton and his staff are at every race) called the hauler and told them to get out there and find out what was going on. Now, like I said before, I'm not an expert, so this is what I assume happened. From what I understand from what Spenc said, some teams had put more than the recommended amount of pounds in the tires they used. So that + the weight of the car + the heat put on the tires = the tires exploding. So really, having heard that, who's to blame this time? While it made the If it is Goodyears fault, the reality check they should have gotten was when Denny Hamlin's tire blew and he hit the wall so hard it knocked him out. I'm not the worlds biggest Denny fan, but that scared the crap out of me when I saw them take the stretcher over to his car, and the same would apply to any other driver as well. If it's the teams fault, they need to rethink the whole "let's fill the tires beyond what the Goodyear guys say, so that our driver can go faster." Faster isn't always better, and safer beats slower anyday. So, there's my rant on the tire situation at Talladega. Hoped ya liked it, if ya have anything you'd like to add onto that, please leave me a comment. :D

Also, there is so much being said about the whole Regan Smith deal. Ok, here's my take on it. Rules are made for a reason. From what I understand, the drivers were told at the meeting, there is to be no "improving your position" (I forget how they said it, I think that was it) below the yellow line. That means, you can't pass below the yellow line. I know Regan is a rookie, but rules are rules, and they're put there for a reason. Tony won that race, he did what he had to do to hold of Regan and that's that. Congrats Tony for getting the win! Regan, I hope you have learned that when the NASCAR officials inform you and the other drivers of the rules, that applies for the entire race.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Celebrate good times, come on...... Ha ha!!

The following graphics should explain the title.....

(I couldn't have done it without the support I've gotten from can you believe it, 27 countries. Thank you everyone!!!)

What a day.... (results and updated Chase standings)

Dale Jr had the awesome day (almost). But, it wasn't his fault. Honestly, there was nowhere for him to do, so he took the hit, told the crew he was sorry and called it a day. (I think I would have too, considering there were only 14 laps left) There's next year. Junior finished 28th and has dropped to 10th in the chase standings. Like I said last week, Dale Jr is a fighter, was-is-and always will be. He'll get back up there, and heading home to Charlotte, I know he'll fight even harder. When Junebug sets his sights and/or mind on something, all Jr Nation knows he'll fight his hardest for it.

Congrats to Dale Jr's good buddy Tony Stewart on his win at Talladega. I know that although Jr would have wanted to win this race, he's happy for Tony.

As I said above, next week, the guys head home (for most of them) to Charlotte.


1--Jimmie Johnson5718Leader

2--Carl Edwards5646-72

3--Greg Biffle5641-77

4--Jeff Burton5619-99

5+2Clint Bowyer5566-152

6-1Kevin Harvick5547-171

7+4Tony Stewart5515-203

8-2Jeff Gordon5486-232

9--Matt Kenseth5473-245

10-2Dale Earnhardt Jr.5469-249

11+1Kyle Busch5387-331

12-2Denny Hamlin5383-335

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ok so I lied......

Sorry, but I just checked the "flag counter" and you all are awesome! I know I use that word a lot, lol, I sound more like a surfer from California than I do a girl that lives in Pennsylvania! Anyway, if I didn't think something was (again) awesome, I wouldn't use the word. Anyway, you all are what keeps this blog rolling, I put that counter up so I could get a small idea of who was looking at it. (and so you, if anyone was interested, could look as well) -- Now I have another favor to ask of you, I have a similar blog - only for Carl Edwards fans. Yes I know that Dale Jr and Carl have different drivers styles, etc. blah blah blah. (Sorry it's been a long busy Saturday), but I figure if there's that many people in the world that like AMPed, there's gotta be some that like Carl Edwards. So, the title of this one is called "Flippin' Out for Carl Edwards." I'm going to post the link in with my other links here, and if you would so kindly spread the word about that blog, I'd be so grateful! Ok, goodnight and I'll post tomorrow after the race.

Gordon, Earnhardt have unified plan for Sunday (and a short rant)

Ok, last post for tonight, this one couldn't wait until tomorrow and go along with the rest of the headlines that I usually post on Sunday evening. I'm glad someone reported this one, because I never understood why people got so ticked off at Jeff Gordon last year, he's a good race car driver for crying out loud. (Yes I know he didn't win a race YET this year, the years not over so don't count him out yet) Anyway, whether you like him or not, he and Dale Jr teammates, so, get used to it if you haven't already. Also, I just saw this while watching the UNC Tar Heels kick the tar (ok that was corny, but I couldn't resist) out of UCONN. Coverage of the (I love saying this!) AMP Energy 500 starts with NASCAR Countdown at 1pm and the green flag flies at 2pm - all on ABC. Ok, now here's the article that goes along with the title of this post.

TALLADEGA, Ala. -- If Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans decide to throw beer cans at Jeff Gordon again, they'd better be careful, they might just hit their favorite driver.

The Hendrick Motorsports teammates, two of the greatest restrictor plate racers in the sport, have a plan for Sunday's Amp Energy 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Both men have agreed to set aside their competitive differences, for a portion of the race at least, and work on their team building skills.

“We both think we are the best so that's where the conflict comes in. Who is supposed to be out front and who is supposed to be helping who.

"Me and Jeff are thinking about going up front, running hard ... go up there and try to learn how to work together," Earnhardt said. "I think it will work good, we got to make it work."

Teammates or not, Junior Nation may find this pairing a bit unsettling.

Talladega Superspeedway is sacred ground for the Earnhardt family and the fans don't take kindly to interlopers. The city of Talladega has become a Mecca of sorts, a holy city. Thousands of Earnhardt fans make the pilgrimage to 'Dega twice a year to worship their beloved driver. Needless to say, the place has special meaning for Earnhardt.

Special not only because he has five wins and his late father 10, but because it feels like home and the fans, evident by the loud roar that rolls from the stands whenever he takes the lead in the race, adore him.

"Well, to me it's special. I don't think everyone gets that sensation going into the race," Earnhardt said. "But to me it's a pretty important place just because my family's done so well there. And the way the fans treat us there make it exciting, make it a place you look forward to. I think that's probably the biggest key, the fans and how they've treated us at that track."

His fans are loyal -- to the point of dangerous.

Last year when Gordon bettered the late Dale Earnhardt's all-time victory list with 77 wins at the revered track, fans were enraged and began chucking beer cans onto the track pelting Gordon's No. 24 (watch video).

But a year later, Gordon and Earnhardt are in a position to align, combining their knowledge and ability to master the draft.

"We just said we'd go up there and work together and enjoy working together instead of being so competitive," Earnhardt said after posting a 15th-place qualifying lap Saturday. The No. 88 driver was forced to qualify a backup car after an early crash in practice Friday caused by a blown right rear tire (watch video). "We should be fine. I'm pretty happy with the way the guys rebounded and I feel like really prepared going into the race even after the day we had yesterday."

Of course at the end of the day, nearing the final laps of the race, Earnhardt said both drivers will go for the win, determining the dominant plate racer for the time being.

"Well we both think we are the best so that's where the conflict comes in. Who is supposed to be out front and who is supposed to be helping who," Earnhardt said. "We do a pretty good job at it ... we are getting better working together for 75 percent of the race. [Gordon] knows what he's doing, he can be a great help to you. You get what you give and maybe sometimes I'm not as giving as I should be."

The End

Comments on practice (non-venting ones) and qualifying for the AMP Energy 500

It's finally here!! The AMP Energy 500 - How cool does that sound?! Junebug's sponser is the name of the race this weekend. I know that AMP and Junior pulled out all the stops for this weekend at Talladega. I did watch Trackside Live last night and although Junior had a pretty crappy day as far as the car went, a few good things did come of the day. Because the engine was changed, Junior would have started from the back of the field. Now, because they went to the back up car, Junebug was able to keep his qualifying spot and qualified 15th.

All Junior fans should be AMPed for this race, the paint scheme looks awesome, and Junior has the firesuit and even an all white helmet and HANS device to match. I am so happy for Junior, I know he's been looking forward to this all year long and I really hope he wins this race. The win would tie him with his own teammate Jeff Gordon, and would totally get him back up at the top in the chase points standings. Oh and while I'm thinking about it, Brad Keselowski may get his cup debut sooner than he thought. Casey Mears' girlfriend is pregnant and from what I heard yesterday, is really close to delivering their baby, and (and you know that Mr. Hendrick was understanding about this) Casey is commited to being with her during the delivery. So if Casey does get the call, then Brad will be in the #5 car for Casey tomorrow. That's all the news I have for now, I think, never know, something new always seems to find it's way here.

Earnhardt Jr. crashes in practice, forced to backup

By Mark Aumann

TALLADEGA, Ala. -- Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s day at Talladega Superspeedway started out poorly when the engine on his No. 88 Chevrolet went sour just eight laps into Friday's first practice session.

But things went from bad to worse in an instant when the right rear tire exploded while he was leading a pack of cars during final practice for Sunday's Amp Energy 500, setting off a chain-reaction accident that damaged at least six cars Earnhardt had no warning when the tire exploded and sent him out of control. "I think the tire seemed to come apart at the tread and the sidewall," Earnhardt Jr. said. "We looked to the car, and really nothing has fell off of it. Normally you look at exhaust straps and stuff like that, but it just come out of nowhere.

"It is hard to say. I will look at some of the replays to see if anything came out from under it. Maybe we can find it on the replay, something we might have run over."

David Gilliland's No. 38 Ford was directly behind Junior and had a close-up view of the incident as the single-file pack exited Turn 2 nine minutes into the final practice session. Earnhardt was leading Gilliland, Tony Stewart and Kasey Kahne when chaos reigned.

"Junior blew a right-rear tire," Gilliland said. "In the middle of the corner, the thing just came apart. It's just an unfortunate incident.

"There was nothing he could do and there was nothing I could do. It was just kind of being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

While Earnhardt and Gilliland collided and blocked the top groove, several other cars took evasive action. Stewart was sent on a wild ride through the infield grass. Kahne nearly had the incident missed, but his right front fender clipped one of the spinning cars, and the resulting flat tire did serious damage to the quarterpanel.

Kahne said it happened so fast, he didn't have much time to react.

"I was right in the middle of a pack of cars when all of a sudden, I just saw tire rubber everywhere," Kahne said. "I tried to get by without hitting anything, but just got clipped in the right front."

Goodyear officials were inspecting what remained of Junior's tire to determine if it had been cut by something externally rather than suffering internal failure. The explosion and resulting accident was severe enough to tear nearly all of the sheetmetal off of the No. 88, from the rear window to the back bumper.

"From what we can determine, it has all the signs of a puncture," said Goodyear spokesman Rick Heinrich.

Earnhardt and Gilliland were checked and released from Talladega's infield medical facility. While that was going on, their crews were busy unloading backup cars from their haulers. In addition, the damage on Kahne's Dodge, Clint Bowyer's Chevy and David Reutimann's Toyota was significant enough for them to decide to pull out the backups.

The track reopened for practice nearly 30 minutes after the incident.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm on the car!!!

Check it out, I checked AMP Energy's website and I'm on the car!!! (Well, not really me, but my name is) I'll get to ride (with 70,000 others) with Dale Jr this Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway. Below are pictures of where I found my name at on the car, I traced my name in a red rectangle. :D My last name is on there, but I blanked it out.

Here's one to give you an idea of where my name is located on the car. I have the area highlighted with red. (For those of you who don't know), my name is going to be on the "deck lid" (which for a regular passenger car is the trunk)

If you entered your name and want to know where it is on the car or the pit wall, go to ~~~> Ride with Dale Jr

Tell your friends!

Ok, I know AMPed has been getting a lot of hits both here in the USA and Canada, and now we've reached almost around the world. That is really awesome! So, for those of you who regularly check in, could you do me a favor? If you have friends that are Dale Jr fans, let them know about the blog. Leave a comment for me, so I know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see more of. Input always helps and I'll be sure to check out whatever ideas you have! Thanks and I'll talk to you soon!

C :D